Paving the way for future pharma vision inspection  

The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly shown that the pharma industry must gear up to deal with such unexpected challenges, and need solutions they can absolutely trust. Artificial Intelligence (AI) which is transforming the way industries work today and is becoming imperative in almost every business can play a vital role in this. Recognizing this new change, ACG Inspection is introducing its new blister inspection system that incorporates AI technology to deliver a quality product, free of any defects.

A first of its kind, the new system features:

  • Upgraded software including deep learning models of AI technology to make it user-friendly
  • Auto-teaching of new models for new products with a single click on HMI
  • Fast and reliable defect detection and classification, ensuring nominal human intervention
  • Accurate identification of similarly colored product-and-foil combinations
  • Quick transfer of data from the trained model to a new model, enabling fast product changeover

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Mr. Kunal Gupta

Vice President of Operations, Nutra-Med Packaging, New Jersey, USA


"We are utilizing the ACG Track & Trace system for all our sterilization needs. Delivery of the equipment, which was prompt and efficient and all scheduled as promised. We were very thankful to have the – the engineers on site to visit us to help us resolve our questions, answer, show us what needed to be one and show us better way to do various techniques, As standards have changed, ACG quickly came out to upgrade the system as well to make sure that system is performing with the latest standards and re-trained us. We are very thankful to have ACG as a partner."

Mr. Prasad

Head of Packaging Development, Aizant Drug Research Solutions


"We have got a very good solution from ACG Inspection Systems. They have given us a very good economical and user-friendly services. We’ve got a very good solution, economical and best price and they’ve given us the best proposal also they give us service like 24x7, Anytime they will come down and they will give us a service."


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