HPMC Capsules for Nutraceuticals


HPMC (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose) is setting new standards in the nutraceutical industry. Developed purely from vegetarian sources these green capsules are also compatible with moisture-sensitive or hygroscopic ingredients owing to their inherent low moisture content. Its excellent mechanical strength and stability makes it a versatile dosage form that can accommodate different kinds of ingredients including liquids.

ACG offers a comprehensive range of HPMC capsules suitable for all nutraceutical applications.

  • ACGcaps HR - Regular HPMC Capsules
  • ACGcaps H+ - No Gum HPMC Capsules
  • ACGcaps HD – Delayed Release HPMC Capsules
  • ACGcaps HL – HPMC Capsules for liquid filling

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